Power Core

An exclusive for EXCEED Cues, the Power Core is a butt construction focused on creating the highest level of functionality, durability and design. The Cross Power Core method is used for Irish linen or leather wraps whereas the Dual Power Core method is utilized for wood grips.

Basics of the Power Core technology

The Power Core method encloses a solid one-piece rod from the joint to the butt end as the core with the forearm, grip and butt sleeve. This technology enables wood warp resistance and adds more strength to the butt as well as creates a solid hitting feeling.

Cross Power Core

The outer wood of the handle section consists of four pieces of wood. The joint of each piece of wood are cut in a wavy shape that are adhered tightly together improving durability and stability of the butt while creating more power to the cue ball with a solid hitting feeling. This construction is for EXCEED cues with Irish linen or leather wraps.

Dual Power Core

To highlight the beauty of natural wood grains and rich colors, the Dual Power Core method is specifically utilized for exotic wood handle cues. A double layered wooden core is used to optimize the weight and balance of the butt even if a heavy dense exotic wood is used for the outer material. The outer and middle wood layers are shaped to complement the tapering of the butt to optimize the weight balance at the same time enhancing durability, stability and a solid hitting feel of the butt.