EX Pro Shaft

The EX Pro Shaft, designed as an exclusive feature for EXCEED Cues, is embedded with a 470mm (18.5inch) two-step carbon fiber rod at the bottom end delivering enhanced power and equalized stiffness of the shaft. The new EX Front-end Technology generates a natural feel similar to a conventional shaft with lower deflection. The Zan Plus2 M as the standard cue tip combined with the original EX-Pro taper creates more cue ball action.

EX Front End Technology

The newly developed front end construction consists of three layers; the NX ferrule, maple wood and carbon pipe. Additionally, 15cm (5.9inch) of the front end core is comprised of maple and light weight foam. This ingenious design promotes “less deflection” at the moment of impact with the cue ball and the shaft enabling more power, spin accuracy and control.

Zan Plus2 M cue tip

The high performance Zan Plus2 M cue tip is composed of selected top quality multi layered pigskin which retains far better performance stability, retentive force of its shape and a comfortable feel. With the Zan Plus2 M tip, cue ball control and accuracy can be achieved effortlessly.

NX Ferrule

This hybrid ferrule is formulated with a cutting edge material that is a blend of two different plastic materials selected through countless testing by innovative engineers. The NX ferrule is durable yet flexible and absorbs the shock of impact while delivering more spin.

Hybrid Carbon Core (HCC) Technology (Patented)

The newly developed HCC Technology is embedded with a 470mm two-step carbon fiber rod in the bottom end of the hard maple. This equalizes the stiffness and vibration of the shaft while yielding accurate control of the cue ball.