EXSP2-21/GD (Limited Edition 20pcs)

    Butt materials : Ebony, Carbon fiber, Lapis Lazuli  Inlay + Kirikane materials : Ivory juma, Lapis Lazuli, Paua shell, Silver, Gold, Platinum
      Butt materials : Ebony, Carbon fiber, Lapis Lazuli  Inlay + Kirikane materials : Ivory juma, Lapis Lazuli, Paua shell, Silver, Gold, Platinum
      MIYABI Exceed special Japan edition
      Combining state-of-the-art cue design with a traditional artform that has been passed down through generations, Exceed brings the highly bespoke “Miyabi”. Foundations built from Exceed’s world class cue technology bringing premiere performance. Every last detail is hand cut using 7th century Kirikane artistry. Centuries of craftsmanship carved into this single piece. With this, the years of tireless development have culminated in this exclusive 20 + 1 piece collection. “Miyabi” is the pinnacle of timeless art and advancing technology.

      A Story of Collaboration The Perfect Balance of Cutting Edge technology and Traditional Handcraft Artistry

      This cue begins in Gunma Prefecture, in the heart of the Japanese countryside where Miki Co., Ltd resides. Kazunori Miki, the founder of Exceed and Kirikane master Maya Matsuhisa came together for this ultimate collaboration.
      With his inquisitiveness and love for art and design, Miki developed the “Miyabi” to perfectly complement the unique and ancient art form of Kirikane.
      A traditional art form with only a few masters left, Matsuhisa took this opportunity to take the Kirikane art style and push it forward into the future. With pure passion and craftsmanship, she took on the unknown world of cue making to complete the design of this piece.
      Pure synchronicity between the world's most advanced cues and a 7th century decorative art form, Exceed and Kirikane have come together to produce the best that Japan has to offer.


      An art form that takes layers of gold and platinum leaf which are placed on top of each other and baked into a sheet that is cut into intricate designs. It was said to have been brought to Japan in the 7th century as a part of Buddhist Art. To be a Kirikane craftsman, one must have the most patience and precision to execute these complex designs. The design in the “Miyabi” is a rare and unique display of the sheer skill of the Kirikane masters due to the fact that Kirikane is not made utilising a template. Creating multiple models with identical designs shows the remarkable dexterity of the Kirikane master.

      Nishijin-ori Carbon Butt cap and Joint collar

      To further the dedication to traditional Japanese art and design, the “Miyabi” joint collar and butt cap have both been made with carbon fiber woven in the traditional Japanese “Nishijin-ori” style in the “Chuyashamon” pattern. Dating as far back as 794, the “Nishijin-ori” pattern was originally for the imperial court and the aristocracy of Japan.

      Joint Protector

      Coated with a three coloured almite finish and carved from the highest quality aluminum, your “Miyabi” is protected by joint protectors strikingly embossed with the opulent logo.

      X-Bolt Weight Cartridge Set

      “Miyabi” not only symbolises uniqueness, it also embodies personalisation. An exclusive to this piece is a “Miyabi” embossed X-Bolt Weight Cartridge. Letting you take full control of the weight 0.1oz at a time. You will be carrying 1 of a very limited number of these X-Bolt Cartridges. Unique and functional, tailoring the cue exclusively to your play style.

      Specification & Technology

      Shaft Ignite 12.2
      Tip Zan Plus2 M
      Shaft length 29 inch
      Joint Wavy 2
      Weight 19.0 ~ 19.5 oz
      Grip No wrap
      Butt length 29 inch